“…not afric fowl nor ionian pheasant
would make for me a repast
more savoury, than olives gathered
from the richest branches of the trees…”

Epode II, Horatius

An Italian excellence

Organic extra virgin olive oil "Colle Paradiso"

Are you looking for an Italian olive oil with a fantastic taste that are totally free from pesticides and additives? Then you’re at the right place!

We produce an exclusive extra vergine olive oil that is rich in taste. It’s organic certified and has an acidity lower 0,2%. Extra virgin, organic olive oil– from Colle Paradiso in the heart of the Sabina region, the countryside north of Rome.

Packaging and orders

Standard packaging

You can buy our olive oil in elegant glass bottles or in practical containers, different sizes: 0,50 l, 0,75 l glass bottle or cans (2,3,5 l)

Bottle 0,5 l: 10 euro

Bottle 0,75 l: 14 euro

Can 2 l: 34 euro

Can 3 l: 48 euro

Can 5 l: 75 euro

Special orders

Our olive oil is a unique and appreciated gift for every occasions:   gift both for employees and clients, wedding favor and others celebrations. Since you’re purchasing your gifts directly from the producer – i.e. us – we can offer a superior quality, luxury olive oil to a very convenient price. We can personalise the bottles with a specific message and packaging, your logo and company name on the labels or similar.



Thanks to its central position in the countryside of Sabina, Colle Paradiso is both an ideal place to rest and relax, and a starting point to discover the most beautiful sites of this region, just an hour away from Rome.

The farm has indipendent rural accommodation with kitchen, and rooms with B&B, half board or full board services. Contact us for more information and reservations.

Double room price: 60 euro

Apartment price: 80 euro


Horse boarding

The estate covers 3 hectares of land, mainly grazing ground, excellent for horses. Animals are kept inside wide fenced areas with appropriate shelters. They are fed with local hay and, in Spring and Summer, fresh grass. Different feeding may be provided on request.

The family-like management guarantees best attention and daily care to horses. Medical assistance is assured by a local veterinary.

Monthly board price: 180 euro